In most cases, getting acquainted with a woman for a love relationship, a man wants just sex from her. He can depict love, take care of her, say a bunch of compliments, sometimes give a lot of promises to a woman, and all this just to have a one-night stand. A woman wants a serious relationship more often and expects the same from her partner.

How to understand that a man uses a woman and wants only sex from her? You met a man and you made an appointment. You really like him, and you want to engage in a long relationship with him. However, nobody wants to get into an unpleasant situation, when he no longer calls back and avoids repeated meetings after having sex.

To exclude this possibility, you need to look at his behavior very carefully at your first meeting. Usually, a man who wants only a one-night stand, says a lot of compliments and speaks a lot about you. Thus, he tells nothing about himself. Look through five more signs that can help you:

1. Excessive physical compliments. He says a lot of compliments about your body. It seems that he does not notice your personality at all. Be careful, this is a true sign of his not serious intentions.

2. He offers to go out straight after your first meeting. This is a dangerous situation. A man who wants a long relationship with you also wants to know you better before asking about a date with you.

3. Asking what you are looking for too early. A man who is interested in you not only for one night, will not ask about your plans for the future straight after getting acquainted with you.

4. He is asking about your Instagram instead of making questions about your personality, interests or hobbies. This shows that he has his interest more to see your photos and less to know you better.

5. The last point is the biggest warning. If a guy is texting you at 11 p.m. or even later and asks to meet you, he just want to have a one-night stand and nothing more. A guy who has serious intentions will make an appointment with you in advance, remember this.