People have been trying to predict events that can occur at a particular point in space and time, used for this knowledge about the influence of the location of the planets on a person for a long time. People always wanted to predict their destinies and future.

There are sages and sacral knowledge in every culture. Despite the fact that the East occupies the leading position in this, Ancient Egypt also does not lag behind. At one time the Egyptian civilization was the most developed and prosperous, and the legacy that it left after itself still affects.

Ancient Egyptian horoscope is a story about the data given to a person at his birth and his abilities. The prehistory of ancient Egyptian mysticism dates back thousands of years. Since the time of their appearance, many symbols have spread throughout the world, merged with the mystical images of people inhabiting Asia, Africa, India, and affected the development of the whole world culture.

This Egyptian horoscope is unusual and is not similar to all other horoscopes that you have ever met. It is unique in its kind, because you are able to determine what super abilities you have and what features distinguish you from the rest by the date of your birth.

The calculation of the time intervals for which the annual cycle is broken is very complicated in the Egyptian horoscope. These periods are significantly different from the periods of the western horoscope. Other symbols reign during these periods- deities.

The Egyptian tradition considers that the intervals of life are controlled by the corresponding Egyptian deity, which, when a person is born, rewards him with his own strength and temperament, which can give impetus to the ability for secret knowledge and everything supernatural.

If you want to learn some new information about you or about your relatives and friends, read the horoscope which came to us since the reign of the Gods, and find out what hides in the depths of your subconscious according to it:

1. The Nile (January 1 – 7, June 19 – 28, September 1 – 7, November 18 – 26). Representatives of this sign are very passionate and emotional.

2. Amon Ra (January 8 – 21, February 1 – 11). He patronizes wise and integral people. Boundless optimism is in the first place for them.

3. Mut (January 21 – 31, September 8 – 22). You are very emotional and always ready to help not only by word.

4. Geb (February 12 – 19, August 20 – 31). You are impressionable and very attractive. You have many friends. You are always surrounded by people.

5. Osiris (March 1 – 10, November 27 – December 18). You are confident in yourself and every moment you live full. You are not afraid of any failures in your life.

6. Isis (March 11 – 31, October 18 – 29, December 19 – 31). You are open, ambitious and will always help your close people in difficult situations.

7. Thoth (April 1 – 19, November 8 – 17). These people have an ability to analyze everything and to think logically.

8. Horus (April 20 – May 7, August 12 – 19). You are very optimistic and ready to face all life difficulties.

9. Anubis (May 8 – 27, June 29 – July 13). You are very idealistic and emotional. Sometimes your idealism can create difficulties for you.

10. Seth (May 28 – June 18, September 28 – October 2). You are extremely ambitious and resourceful. You are artistic and communicative.

11. Bastet (July 14 – 28, September 23 – 27, October 3 – 17). Your charm, insight and a sense of tact attract people to you.

12. Sekhmet (July 29 – August 11, October 30 – November 7). You are very emotional, proud and unyielding, you control yourself well, which means you rarely make mistakes.