You, certainly, want to become an ideal woman for your man and you are even ready to make maximum efforts to make him pleased. In general, this desire is very commendable, but the problem is that men and women differently perceive the notion of ideality. And sometimes in pursuit of their dreams, women make mistakes that lead men out of themselves.

We will describe the average man, without any distortions in his preferences. Therefore, it will be useful to mention what specifically your man, maybe, will not be quite like our character. So, let’s start speaking what men do not like about women.

Check out top-10 annoying things that they hate about our behavior. You can improve your relationship, if you stop doing it.

1. Too serious attitude to small things. Men do not understand, why you are so tragically perceiving a broken nail or a stain on your favorite dress. These problems seem to them not just small and minor, but frankly ridiculous. In the masculine concept, to worry about a spoiled manicure is like crying over a broken nail.

2. Affinity. It does not matter what you imitate – an orgasm or joy from a gift that you do not like at all, a man will feel your insincerity. And since most men do not tend to pretend, they just will not understand your good intentions behind. If you do not like something – tell the man about it directly, because it is better to solve the problem together than to lodge insults alone.

3. Suspicions. Constant tantrums, jealousy for any reason, checking personal phone contacts first lead the man into confusion, and then into a rage. Not trusting your chosen one, you, first of all, make him doubt your love. If you do not learn how to control your emotions and do not get rid of manic jealousy, a man will sooner or later go to the place, where he will be trusted.

4. Desire to dominate. Perhaps, you are used to taking matters into your own hands and solving problems yourself. Perhaps you think that you know better how to build a family budget, where to spend vacations and when to invite guests. However, your independence does not allow a man to feel like a man. And if your partner does not belong to the category of henpecked, your desire to dominate will play with you a cruel joke.

5.Excessive talkativeness. You love to talk and for a day you have accumulated a lot of emotions, which must be thrown out. Talking, you relax and get rid of negative emotions, however, a man, listening to your stream of consciousness, has directly opposite emotions.

6. Moaning.This habit is hated not only by men, but also by women. Surely you have often been irritated to a man who likes to reproach everyone, grumble about anything and express their dissatisfaction in every possible way. Therefore, if you feel the desire to reproach your chosen one, stop.

7.Manipulation. When you do not like the behavior of your chosen one, you do not make hysterics, do not go, slamming the door, but simply start playing silently or refuse to have sex until he realizes his guilt and apologizes. However, manipulating the feelings of a man, you primarily make yourself worse only yourself.

8.Helplessness. Men like to take care of women, protect and protect us from trouble. However, in everything there must be a measure. If without male help you can not even choose new curtains or make a festive menu, your helplessness will no longer cause affection. To a man respected you as a person, you need to prove that you are a person.

9. Another important factor that men do not like in women is the inability to do household chores. Men expect you to know how to deal with saucepan at the kitchen better than they can.

10. Men are also annoyed with women, who are obsessed with their appearance. It is extremely important, but you should not dedicate all the free time to cosmetic procedures.