We all know the importance of plants. They give us fresh air to breath and we all know it very well, yet many avoid planting at home! The reason being that many are too lazy to water them every day and take care of them. House plants not only gives us fresh air to breathe or add a look to your house, but many plants are fragrant that can keep your home smelling good; this way you can entirely ditch room fresheners that contain synthetic and toxic ingredients. Below are the top fragrant houseplants for a nice smelling home:


Peace lily not only removes pollutants from the air, they also look and smell beautiful and can make your office look attractive. Peace lily has a very mild floral smell that lasts all day long. Peace lilies can be placed in many locations including windowsills, on tables or desks, depending on the size. Just provide these with bright light then they will flourish readily.


Having a lemon balm plant around may also improve your mood and boost wellness. Its light and fresh fragrance is a perfect wake-up in the morning. The only thing you need to remember is watering it! Your plant will thrive in almost any light conditions but it should be kept moist, so watering in time intervals is essential!


There are many types of fragrant orchids and they all smell different (such as Vanilla planifolia, the vanilla orchid etc.). Many orchid fragrances appear at a certain time of day, usually influenced by light, temperature, or other aspects so they are best placed near the windows.


Rose is a well-known house plant but make sure you keep it in your windows in direct light and provide it with enough water. Roses have the capacity to bursting your house in rosy fragrance at regular intervals especially when the wind enters your home passing through the roses placed in the windows.


Jasmine flowers do not have a prominent fragrance but specie called jasminum polyanthum is a type that is commonly grown indoors and emits light sweet-floral fragrance in the night. The plant needs ample sunlight so keep it near the windows and water them occasionally.


Citrus plants emit pleasant and light citrusy fragrance similar to lemon, oranges, tangerines etc. These soothing fragrances uplift your mood and also make you feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Place these plants near the windows because they need enough sunlight.


Lavender is a well-known fragrant plant and is known for its soothing fragrance that is great for putting you to sleep naturally. Lavender plant is also a mosquito repellent! The aroma is also pleasant when compared to the strong-smelling mosquito repellent creams. Grow it indoors near a sunny window, or outside in your garden or flower bed to keep the bugs away.