8 Tips for Living on Next to Nothing

I think we can all agree that many of us have experienced living on next to nothing. And if you’re living paycheck to paycheck, it can be overwhelming. It seems like you’re never making enough to get by.

And that’s why I decided to curate a list of some helpful tips and hacks that will help you if you’re struggling financially. These are ideas that are easy and simple to implement yet have great results. They can inspire you to save more and live better. So check them out and let me know what you think!

Stick with Simple, Healthy Meals
Eating healthy can still be enjoyable without being expensive. There are plenty of recipes that don’t cost much but will still fill you up and taste great.

Consider getting produce like bananas, carrots, sweet potatoes, and celery, which are great for when you’re on a budget. Also, be sure to create a meal plan in advance. Write down all the supplies you need before heading to the grocery and stick to it. You’ll save so much time and money implementing this trick.

Buy in Bulk and Freeze
Make it a habit to always buy in bulk, especially if items are on sale to save even more. Stock up your pantry and fridge with fresh, healthy, and essential supplies.

DIY Anything You Can

Instead of spending a ton of money on buying things like gifts, decorations, toiletries, cleaning supplies, etc., why not make your own and try to do some DIY projects. Check out Pinterest for some inspirations and DIY ideas that you can make in the comfort of your home You’ll save so much money by doing things on your own.

And If you think you’re doing good with your DIY projects, you can even start to sell them online.

Reduce your Utility Bills
By simply making changes to cut down on your utility bills, you can save so much money.

Why not try to set your thermostat as low as possible in the colder months and wear more clothes indoors to save money on heating costs. Also, if you live in a warm place, keep your windows open to let the fresh air in. Do the same for your gas, water, cable, and other utilities. The money that you can save by cost-cutting can be used for more important things.

Grow Your Own Produce

If you have a garden at home, put this tip to good use and grow your own produce. Get some tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, and other seeds that are easy to grow. They’ll taste fresh and are perfect for your healthy meal plan.

Find Ways to Make More Money
If your 9-5 job just isn’t cutting it, it’s time to find ways to make more income. Have a side hustle, volunteer for overtime work, start a blog, or sell your unused stuff.

Make your current situation a motivation to work harder and provide more for yourself and/or family. It’s a simple step towards getting away from living on next to nothing.

Look for Free and Low-Cost Entertainment
Living on next to nothing doesn’t have to limit fun experiences. You can always find low-cost or sometimes even free entertainment in your area.

Get in FREE activities offered by your local community, like museum tours, concerts, and shows. Take advantage of your local park and fitness center as well. There are always plenty of budget-friendly entertainment ideas to try.

Save Something Every Pay Day
This may seem hard to do when you’re living on next to nothing, but committing yourself to saving any amount every payday can help change your current situation. The small amount that you keep every month when added altogether can grow into a bigger savings. You’ll find it rewarding and it can be used to pay off your debt.